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Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a full line of Durable Medical Equipment for the home from all of the major brands.  Most of these items are available without a doctor's order, however a prescription as well as additional documentation will be required prior to billing any insurance.  Contact our sales department for details.

Hospital Beds - We offer home care beds that are available for rent or purchase and may be covered by insurance with the appropriate documentation.

* Semi-Electric Beds
* Full-Electric Beds
* Hi/Lo Beds
* Low Airloss Mattress
* Egg Crate Mattress Pads
* Wedge Pillows
                                      * Full Rails or Half Rails

Free delivery and set up to most parts of our delivery coverage area!   

Wheelchairs - Also available for both rent and purchase, we offer a full line of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories:

* Standard wheelchairs (18" wide seats)
* Narrow wheelchairs (16" wide seats)
* Extra-wide wheelchairs (20", 22", and 24" wide seats)
* Heavy Duty wheelchairs (20", 22", and 24" wide seats, up to 500lb. weight capacity)
* Companion Chairs
* All available with Standard Footrests or Elevating Leg Rests


* Standard Foam Cushion (1", 2", and 3" width)
* RoHo Cushion
* Transfer Board
* Anti-Tippers
* Oxygen Holder (E-Tank)
* Lap Buddy
* Walker Carrier

Walkers/Crutches/Canes - We offer a full line of walk aids:

* Two-Button, Folding, Front Wheeled Walkers
* 4-Wheeled Walkers with breaks and a seat
* Knee Walkers
* Crutches
* Single Point Canes
* Quad Canes (Large and Small Base)

* Our standard walkers all come with large 5" wheels for easier maneuvering, and are personally fitted to your height and weight. 

                                      * Shown at the left, 4 wheeled walkers are commonly referred to as                                                                  "Rollators" and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Bathroom Safety -
* Shower Chairs with a Back (Padded or Non-Padded)
* Shower Chairs without a Back (Padded or Non-Padded)
* Transfer Benches (Padded or Non-Padded)
* Shower/Commode/Rehabilitation Chairs with a variety of options available
* Commodes (3/1, Extra-Wide, Heavy Duty, and Drop Arm)
* Grab Bars
* Hand Held Shower Heads